About the Author

My name is Philip Stephens. I studied for eight years to become a doctor of theoretical physics, four years doing a taught masters at Oxford, and then four more at Lancaster. I have recently accepted a job at British Maritime Technology, (BMT group). I work in their Research Directorate. My official title is `Research Scientist’, and we work on some pretty cool projects here, mostly based around the European Framework Program 7, which, every few years, sets out programs of research that they would like European Companies to undertake. A lot of it at the moment is about transport security.

In the meantime, I will maintain this blog to write about more or less anything that interests me. This includes: economics, history, politics, philosophy, catholic theology, physics, other science, maths, puzzles and obscure trivia. So far my blog has been mostly about economics, but I think I will be expanding at least into history and politics. I have found that philosophy and Theology can lead to pretty vicious flamewars, so I might avoid those.

I also have a twitter account as @ironeconomist, which is mostly a homage to @economisthulk, who is my all time favourite twitter personality. I also maintain an email account for blog-related communication at WorldofInterestblog@gmail.com

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